I am a freelance illustrator currently located in London with a strong passion for the environment, animals, health and wellbeing, and yoga. I use a mixture of pencil, ink, watercolour and gouache to portray vibrancy and beauty. I also try to emphasise my messages of peace and mindfulness through my work as I believe it's important to take it slow now and then and just be in the moment with life. Too often we are all caught up in the stress and fast pace of society, and I want to encourage everyone to remember to stop, and breathe. Doing yoga, enjoying nature and drawing, three of my greatest passions in life have really helped me do this for myself and this is why I try to portray them in my illustrations.

I print most of my illustrations myself (known as digital prints) but I also do fine art prints through professional printers. I ensure my business practices are environmentally friendly and inline with my values of conserving the natural world. I print onto 100% post consumer waste paper and any materials involved with packaging my art I do my best to ensure these are recycled or biodegradable.

For any commissions, inquiries or collaborations you can reach me through my contact page. Purchases can be made on my Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/ForestandFolk where I can also be contacted.


My Story

Born in England I've lived in Australia since I was 13 and I love it here. I have been drawing, making and painting ever since I knew what a pencil was and have enjoyed increasing my skills and passions throughout my days. Mostly self taught I studied Art as my minor at university and I graduated as an early childhood teacher. I teach part time and spend the rest of my time either painting and drawing, dabbling in a bit of yoga or going for walks in new places.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.