Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Life gets difficult and life can sometimes be a struggle. In order to cope with daily living, life events or difficulties I found my own way of managing my emotions and accepting the things that happen to me. It's become a bit of a trend of late in society and the book publishing industry but mindfulness is one technique that I've found, even if not practiced regularly (though this is where the true benefits are revealed), can help you achieve some peace in your life. Art for me is also something I can do that brings me some peace and serenity and this is something mindfulness teachers encourage everyone to try due to its meditative methods.

Through my art I try to express my understanding of mindfulness and what it means to be at peace or at least have a little bit of it. I've created a few pieces that express this and I use illustrations of nature alongside positive words to help people to be mindful and appreciate the beauty of life. We all get busy and stressed but it's important to remember the need to slow down and to also know how to do it. I hope my illustrations help people remember to do just that.

Some fantastic books on this kind of thing are from well known author and Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh. His Peace of Mind book is just beautiful.

Remember to be grateful of where you are in life and what you already have, be patient for what you want in your life and be present through it all, as there's not other moment in time but the now. These words have really helped me when dealing with difficult situations in life or disliking a circumstance I'm in. It helps to remember how lucky we are in the grand scheme of things.