Ugly Mistakes and the Effort Required

I want everyone out there to remember that end results are a product of hard work and persistence. I’m talking about all of those times you saw a piece of art that blew you away whether it was due to its beauty, vibrant colour, aesthetic appeal, detail or talent. Remember that this is a snapshot of the best version it became. Just like all those chiseled bodies and perfect hair shots you see all over Instagram, they too were snapshots of the best version they were in that moment. That means before and even after that picture was taken, there were moments of imperfection, of work taking its toll, of persistence, of even ugliness. When I look at photos of my artwork and I’m happy with the end result and take pride in sharing it with others, I do this with the satisfaction of having made the same illustration over and over again in different ways, not having looked right the first time. My final drawing/illustration/painting has taken perhaps an hour, a day, a month or even years (yes that’s right, even years), to get to what it looks like right now. It takes years of practice, persistence and passion to end up with the results one might currently produce. So for those that say to me “I couldn’t do that” or “I’m a terrible drawer”, I remind them that this end product they are currently looking at is not something I have been able to conjure out of thin air and without any prior practice. Just like learning to sew, sculpt, beat box, speak publicly, or write an essay, it all takes time, effort, persistence, mistakes, failures and practice. It’s important to remember this particularly in those moments of frustration having spent several hours trying to draw a leaf on a plant or a facial expression, or in fact, do anything that requires a bit of time and patience. Please enjoy a couple of my ugly mistakes and efforts that show that we are all human and the idea of “perfect art” takes a whole lotta time.


P.s. Note the rather hilarious little notes on the drawings by me when I was consumed with frustration.