Little Women Illustrations

Lately I've been exploring other subjects for drawing and painting, one of which has been little portraits of women. I've been thoroughly enjoying painting these small subjects and capturing the diversity within the portraits. I feel passionate about illustrating women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, cultures, etc to counteract in some way the bombardment of images of "skinny" and "perfect" white or tanned women that we are exposed to across the media. Not all women wear make up. Not all women are thin, pretty or fit the "ideal". We should celebrate this and include more diversity in whatever form of media whether magazines, commercails or TV programs. Capturing diversity within my paintings has also strengthened my skills and challenges me to not get too comfortable with one skin tone or facial structure. It's very easy to repeatedly draw and paint a similar kind of woman or character, finding familiarity in the same lines and shapes, colours and tones. So if you draw and paint, I challenge you to explore diversity of culture and draw something you wouldn't normally draw. Perhaps this is painting women from a culture very different to your own, perhaps this is drawing plants instead of buildings, painting very big instead of quite small. Challenge yourself and you will be inspired by the outcome. Happy Friday everyone.